Billing Solutions

Whether you have an existing website or are looking to launch a new web site, most entities sooner or later have the need to accept some form of payments or fees. In this digital era, business interact with users across the whole globe via their web pages.

We offer integration solutions that enable your website to accept payments from common gateways such as mobile money, Visa, Master Card and others.

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Shipping Integration

eCommerce enables users to be able to pay for goods and services from anywhere in the world. One of the biggest headaches comes in finding a courier to ship the products to your clients, or your premises.

Shipping has evolved, and via a partnership with an international courier we are able to integrate the shipping charges and automate the whole process between supplier and consumer/retailer. The visitors to your website will be able to know how much it’ll cost to ship to their locations without having to leave the website.

Performance Tracking

All digital solutions, be it a website or social media campaign, usually have a set of objectives (whether vague or clearly set out). The success and failure of these objectives are measurable in one way or the other.

We empower you with tools that enable you to determine the performance of online platforms and campaigns. They can be structured to generate reports periodically, or even a dashboard configured to give you an overview of your platforms or strategies.

Hosting Solution

We provide hosting services tailored to accommodate all types of platforms, from small scale start up to large scale, resource intensive platforms.

Shared Hosting: basic hosting for informational websites, as well as sites that do not expect a high level of traffic.

VPS Hosting: hosting designed for resource intensive traffic, which is secure and reliable.

Managed Hosting: designed for resource intensive traffic, and managed and maintained by our team to keep the hosting up to date and secure.

We provide end-to-end AWS Cloud services, from consulting and design of your environment, hands-on technical implementation and configuration.